We are small, home cattery with the seat in Warsaw.

       Cats had lived with us from a long time. First was Psota, which came over the building of our house and took possesion of both the house and my father's heart, who brought this little, maybe 8 weeks old kitty. After we finished building the house and we moved in she came back with us to place of her birth. Next was Beza - syjam of old type. Who could resist this beautiful girl - small, cream ball with brown markings. Shortly afterwards the girl has grown up and that's how Walter had appeared in the world, her unplanned son - black as a night. Loved and loving, little jealous boy, above and reluctantly looking at emerging balls of fur. And our last neuter Coffee - coffee with milk - now it's even strong coffee. It was my birthday present - siberian neva masquerade. He developed our interest in this breeds and encouraged us to go to a show.

      And this is how it began... First maine coon appeared in our home in year 2004 and soon after that I realized that I wanted to have more this wonderful cats. Our cattery is affiliated with FPL which belongs to FIFE. All our kittens are going to new homes with pedigrees issued by this organization at age of about 14-16 weeks. Kittens are sold to companionship and before leaving our cattery they are neutered/sterilized. My ideal Maine Coon, is a cat, with long muscular body and big head, strong long muzzle, ears set high widely opened at the base, ended with brushes and long strong furry tail. But the priority since the beginning of existence of our cattery is health of our cats. That's why they were chosen and bought from healthy, carrying about regular examinations abroad catteries. Beside regular vaccinations and dewormings, our cats are having genetic and diagnostic examinations towards: HCM (USG and gen- tests), PKD - (usg), FeLV and FIV.

      We hope that you will enjoy our new website. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the results of our breeding work and reservation little furry friend.

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